• TEDxUIdaho presents: Brave

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    April 12, 2019
    The University of Idaho’s student-led TEDxUIdaho event will explore ideas ranging from the art of science to leaving abusive relationships during the fifth annual event from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 27, in the U of I Administration Building Auditorium, Moscow.
    With a theme of “Brave,” the event features 7 speakers, including U of I graduate and undergraduate students and community members. Talks include research on the rain on Titan, how to ethically report on Native Americans, and the courageous story of a woman leaving an abusive relationship. Other topics include how medical professionals should take care of their mental health and the science of hope.
    “This year’s event, while presenting talks from several thematic areas just like previous events, is very special to us,” said Yvonne Nyavor, who started the TEDx program at U of I in 2015. ‘We’re very excited because this event has speakers who are brave enough to share their stories and we couldn’t be prouder of the ideas that they will present on April 27.’
    The list of speakers will soon be available on the TEDxUIDAHO Faceboook page.
    “While our TEDx community includes both students and nonstudents of U of I and the Moscow community, students have always been at the core of who we are because the entire team putting on the event are students,” said Weston Durland, an undergraduate student who designed animations for a speaker last year and is this year’s TEDxUIdaho technical director.  “We really enjoy being involved in this event because it’s a cool opportunity to learn new skills outside of the classroom and pursue what we’re really passionate about.”
    Tickets, which are free for students and open for donations to the general public, are now available at tedxuidaho.com. Attendees are welcome to join us after the event for refreshments and hors d'oeuvres. The event will also be live streamed on TEDxUIDAHO Facebook page.
    Media Note: Media passes are available for reporters who wish to cover TEDxUIdaho. To request a media pass, contact Kristin Nesbitt at kristinn@uidaho.edu. Please note that videography and photography of any kind are not permitted during TED-affiliated events.