• Spokane River Access at Post Falls Open

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    June 18, 2019
    Avista is advising Spokane River users that river recreation is now permitted in the area between the Spokane Street Bridge and the boater safety cables located just upstream of the Post Falls Dam. River flows have dropped sufficiently to allow all of the spillway gates at the hydroelectric facility to be closed. 
    The City of Post Falls boat launch and swim beach at Q’emiln Park are opening to the public today as well.
    Avista expects summer operation at the dam to continue through Labor Day, as long as weather conditions allow. River users should always be alert and aware that weather conditions and dam operations can cause rapid changes in water levels. Please exercise caution when using the waterways and always wear a life jacket when boating.
    In an emergency, if spillway gates need to be opened, the boat launch and swim beach at Q’emiln Park may be temporarily closed, as well as the area of the river downstream of Spokane Street Bridge. If this occurs, boaters in the area will be notified, and temporary closure signs will be posted. This specific “ordinance area” is addressed in the Post Falls Boater/Swimmer Ordinances; City of Post Falls Ordinance 875 sec 8.44.010 and Section II-D of Kootenai County Resolution 2006-68.
    Customers can access waterflow information at myavista.com/waterflow, where information is provided to advise shoreline property owners, commercial and recreational users of changes in the lake elevations and river flows that may affect plans for water use on Lake Spokane, the Spokane River and Coeur d’Alene Lake. If you prefer the information is available on our 24-hour telephone information line. In Washington call (509) 495-8043 and in Idaho call (208) 769-1357.
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    Marie Tyrie