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    SOC is open 24 hours a day,7 days a week around the world-access through the website.
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      Welcome to SendOutCards! This company is all about communicating and gratitude! It is an MLM with many opportunities!

      Staying connected to people is so important. This company resonated with me because I love being able to let those that I meet, know well, or simply want to congratulate on a new job, baby, or birthday or notify of a special event get something tangible through the US Mail.

      Getting a letter in the mail just feels good and promotes positive relationships.
      We keep the photos that are sent and special messages in scrapbooks, boxes or on the fridge. They are hung on bulletin boards and taped to computers. Some even make it to our wallets and a screen shot shows up on our FB page.
      We all relish their words of support, love, or congratulations for a long time. I always reread what is written to me. Rereading reinforces the good I have done and can do. So, this company just resonated with me.
      Please take a moment and send a card to someone you care about.
      Choose a card, write it, address it and send it. They will receive it a few days later in their mailbox!

      If you own a business, this company provides a vehicle for communicating with clients or prospects. It is a way to personalize an introduction or send congratulations on a promotion. Advertise and an event.
      You can also upload pictures, send gifts, and design business cards. It is a versatile tool for a business builder too.

      Have a wonderful time connecting and sharing...:)

      Please contact me if you would like more information or are interested in knowing more about this company.