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  • Mission: The Ambassadors serve as the official representatives on behalf of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce, dedicated to promoting the business community and expanding the Chamber Membership.

  • Members
  • Jan Ahles

    Brandon Allen

    Carol Bennett 

    Earl Bennett

    Derick Brenner

    Richard Bull

    Barbara Bull

    Colleen Bumgarner

    Megan Crowe

    Justin Doty

    Renee Haskell

    Tim Helmke

    Carolyn Hicklin

  • Tellan Lloyd

    Jim Logan

    Rhonda Michelson

    Jared Pratt

    Louise Regelin

    Gerald Reisenauer 

    Judy Reisenauer

    Matt Telin 

    Karen Telin

    Jeremy Van Houten


    For more information on our Ambassador program please give us a call or stop by the Moscow Chamber!